Aaron Goldenthal

Sometimes ASP.NET is Rocket Science

Create Dynamic Buttons in an ASP.NET Calendar

As you get more familiar with the ASP.NET calendar, eventually you start tweaking it: adding your own styles, using the DayRender event to customize the content of each day, etc.  At some point you may try to dynamically create a button during DayRender, at which point you see the button render on the client, but when it’s clicked, no event fires.  This article will give you a solution to work around this problem. Why Adding Buttons During DayRender Fails Some people who start using... [More]

ASP.NET Databinding Bind() Method Dissected

I was thinking about a question on the asp.net forums recently and while doing a little research I learned a few things about how the databinding Bind() method really works, and a few of the limitations. The Bind() methods performs two functions: Extract values during databinding to populate properties of a control (done via the same method used by the Eval() method) Extract values from controls (e.g. to perform insert/update operations) I’ve set up a quick example to illustrate ho... [More]