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The Year in Review 2023

A lot has happened in the last year - the resurgence of this blog, I created six new software projects, and I shipped almost 200 software releases. In addition, I learned Go, started publishing NPM packages with provenance, and generative AI and large language models took over the world. This post reviews it all.

The Blog Is Back In Town

It's been well over a decade since I kept a blog here. That's a lifetime or two in software development, but I've missed writing and decided it's time to bring it back. So, this is the kick-off to incentivize me to write more. And it never hurts to have another new project to work on, and something with more web front-end work, that is developing a site with Eleventy, hosted on GitLab pages, optimizing the use of GitLab's tooling, and extensive use of automation with GitLab CI.

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