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Notifications for New Eleventy Posts in GitLab - Part 1

One of the challenges with deploying static sites is that there's nothing tracking any sort of site state, including when new content is published. This post presents a technique to identify newly published content on an Eleventy site and sending various notifications with content-specific data. Part 1 covers identifying the new posts and collecting post-specific data.

GitLab CI Pipeline for Go Projects

After recently learning Go, and about to start my first project, I started putting together a GitLab CI pipeline for Go projects. After scouring the Internet, I found mostly old posts on the subject. The posted pipelines, as well as numerous actual Go project pipelines, were missing jobs in my set of goals for a CI pipeline. So I built this GitLab CI pipeline for Go projects.

GitLab Semgrep SAST Analysis... But More

GitLab continues to migrate Static Application Security Testing (SAST) to Semgrep, and makes this available to all GitLab tiers. This analysis only includes the rules that GitLab manages, but there are many more available in the Semgrep Rules project. This post details how to combine the two to get a more comprehensive analysis.